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 Organization Structure


  1. The Minister

    DR. Majid bin Abdullah Al-Qasabi

    1. Vice Minister

      Majid bin Abdullah Al-Bawardi

      1. Deputy Minister of Ploicies & Regulations Affairs

        Bader bin Abdulmohsen Al-Haddab

      2. Deputy Minister of Consumer Protection

        Omar bin Mohammed Al-Suhaibani

      3. Deputy Minister of Business & Investment

        Abdulsalam bin Abdullah Al-mana

      4. Deputy Minister of Planning & Development

        Abdullah bin Saud Al-Arifi

      5. Deputy Minister of Customer Services & Branches

        Aydh mohammed Algwinm

      6. Deputy Minister of Shared Services

        Bader bin Abdullah Al-Sinaidi

    2. Assistant Minister

      DR. Eman bin Habbas Al-mutairi

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Last Modified 31 Mar 2020
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