What is the Consolidated Register of the Commercial Mortgage

An electronic record for commercial mortgage contracts, such mortgages are effected on movable funds. In the event that the debtor has breached his mortgage-secured obligations, the direct execution printout or the executive bond may be requested from the registry, as the case may be.​

What is the Commercial Mortgage?

An agreement between two parties (the Mortgagor and the mortgagee) in which the former undertakes to provide a guarantee for a debt. This agreement is subject to amendment or addition thereto.​

Who can benefit from the Commercial Mortgage?

The Saudi national, the Gulf citizen, the employer, or the official representative (The Power of Attorney should be attached

Who is the Mortgagor and the mortgagee? And how to register a mortgage in the Consolidated Register of Commercial Mortgage?

The Mortgagor: The mortgage provider whether he is the debtor or the guarantor.

The Mortgagee: The person or persons as the case may be, whom the mortgage is provided for his benefit.

The mortgage is effected directly by submitting the application by the mortgagee through the platform of the consolidated register of the commercial mortgages.​

What is the benefit of the registration in the Consolidated Register of Commercial Mortgages?

Facilitating getting financial loans for commercial enterprises

Implementation of the mortgage contract against third parties                                                                                                             Facilitate the execution on the item mortgaged  ​

Is it necessary to register in the Consolidated Commercial Mortgage Register?

 Yes.   ​

What are the funds that can be mortgaged in the Consolidated Register of Mortgages?

All movable funds shall be mortgaged for example: cars, equipment, watches, electronic devices, raw materials, bales, etc.

In order to guarantee a debt for commercial purposes.​

How does the Consolidated Commercial Mortgage Register differ from the Ministry's regulations?

This system is concerned only with the registration of mortgage contracts on movable funds, for example: cars - equipment - watches - electronic devices - raw materials - bales ... etc.​

To which administration belongs the Consolidated Commercial Mortgage E-System?

It belongs to the General Administration of Business Services at the Deputy Ministry for Internal Trade ​

Is there a specific period to avail of the Consolidated Commercial Mortgage E-System ?

No, There is no specific period.​


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