Aydh mohammed Algwinm

Eng. Aydh Algwinm has got more than 12 years of practical and administrative experience in government and private sectors. He has worked in many leading positions in pioneering companies in oil and petrochemicals. Also, he was recently in charge of many files in the housing sector that contributed positively to driving the transformation of the sector and having a great impact on the experience of the Housing Beneficiaries, by enabling demand and stimulating supply.

During his professional career, Eng. Aydh practiced the development and improvement of the customer experience, including but not limited to establishing and managing programs, projects and initiatives, along with initiating relevant rules & regulations, also defining government frameworks, following up the implementation, as well as engaging in risk management, with full knowledge of quality measures, in addition to setting up standards that maintain the integrity and continuity of the work.

Eng. Aydh has also worked with many consultation firms regionally and globally, and he was an evaluator of their performance.

Eng. Aydh holds a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering and Management from the University of Bradford  – UK. He holds many professional certificates and attended many internal and external courses.
Eng. Aydh Algwinm has joined recently the Ministry of Commerce as deputy minister for Customers Service & Branches
Last Modified 27 Mar 2020
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