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Ministry of Commerce Application Development Project​
​ 2020/36
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Achievement Networks Electronics Company​
Supply, installation and operation of the backup system​
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Triangle Tech is a complete one-person company​
Supply and installation of licenses for remote file sharing​​
200939247986​​​2020/66​​Click here​Saudi Arabian Computer Systems Company​​

​​The Ministry of Trade vehicle insurance project - third party insurance​
200939251241​​​2020/70​Click here​
​Al Rajhi Takaful Insurance Company

​Supply and installation of cables and network switches for the data center

201039260613​​2020/75 ​Click hereDar Delta Information Technology Corporation​

Renewal of Click Program licenses
​201139276897 ​2020/82 ​Click here​​​Company excellence for technical services​
​Development of the electronic communication platform

201139276070​​2020/85 ​Click here​ Direct Impact Trading Company​​
​Measuring awareness, satisfaction and confidence of traders

-​​Click here​
Telephone Care Company​
​Talent and succession development project​

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Tawars Watson Saudi Arabia Company​
​Renewal of technical support licenses for the application of my services (my card)​
201239285998 ​-
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Zone Trading Company​
​Connecting water to the Ministry of Trade branch project in Jizan
Click here​​​Asala Al Jazeera Company for Trade and Contracting Ltd​
Supplying and printing national and internal flags​​
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Saudi Media Factory Company​
​Trade 4 Liter Metal Bottles​

Click here​Dar Al Safaa Trading Est
Developing the work of the General Administration of Governance​
201239291217​-​Click here
Branch of the Saudi Computer Company Ltd.​
​​​Project review and evaluation of the organizational structure​
201139276800​2020/87​​Click hereTawars Watson Saudi Arabia Company​
​Operating the Technical Office for Project Management and Procedures Engineering
2020/74​Click hereMajmaah University Investment Fund​
Securing and supplying publications (Coach file) with the Ministry's logo​
-​2021/19​Click hereSamha printing company​​
AESEC application on commercial registration data​
​210339319273​​​2021/16​​​Click here
​Muzn Systems for Communications and Information Technology Company
Supplying official papers and publications to the office of His Excellency the Minister​
-​Click here​Samha printing company​
​​Security guards for the buildings and branches of the Ministry of Commerce
​​210139303285 ​


Click here​Shebla security guard company one person company​

Supply and installation of fabric curtains for the new headquarters of the Ministry (Jeddah + Majmaah + Arar + Al-Jawf)
-​​-​Click here​Moheet Rama Factory for Decoration Materials, owned by Mohamed Mazen Mansour​
​Security guards for some branches of the Ministry of Commerce
Click here​Abdullah Muhammad Al-Rasheed Group for Private Civil Security​
​Operation, maintenance and cleanliness of the Ministry’s branch buildings in Hail, Dawadmi and Al-Kharj, and maintenance and irrigation of agricultural works
-​-​Click here​​Atyaf Support Services Company​
​Operating and developing a call center and handling consumer complaints
-​-​Click here​The perfect display company for commercial services​
​Development of the work of the General Administration of Governance
-​-​Click here​Branch of the Saudi Company for Electronic Computers Ltd​
Operation, maintenance and cleanliness of the Ministry’s branch building in Yanbu and the cleanliness of the buildings of the second group​
Click here​Atyaf Support Services Company​
​Transfer, supply, installation and operation of the Ministry’s branch in Jeddah
​​201239288637 ​​​2020/98 ​
Click here​Abdul Rahman Abdullah Al Mousa Trading Company​
Drafting, designing and printing the annual achievement report of the Ministry of Commerce 2020​
-​-​Click here​Idea Window Office for Services​
Mobile Device Management (MDM)​
​​201039262653​​​2020/76 ​Click here​​Diyar Middle East Information Technology Company​
Project of supplying inks for printers​
​210239307205 ​​​​​09/2021Click here​​Al-Nahl Computer Company​​


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