General Department of Commercial Registration


This Administration is associated with the Assist. Deputy Ministry for Commercial Services.

Managing business records of all companies and businessmen efficiently; to know the size of economic, commercial and industrial activity, through advanced technology based on computer procedures and applications, besides managing the data of commercial records and doing the necessary documentation.

  • Prepare and implement the annual plan of the administration after adoption.
  • Coordinate with other departments in the Ministry to accomplish joint works.
  • Follow-up the application of the Commercial Registration System, including C.R. issuance, amendment and writing off.
  • Following up the issuance, amendment, renewal and writing off the Commercial Registrations for Corporate and Establishments.
  • Supervise the submission of studies and proposals regarding the Commercial Registration functions.
  • Carry out the work of the committee, specialized in considering the similarity of trade names.
  • Participate in committees with other parties, related to issues within its competence.
  • Organize and follow up the Commercial Registration functions at MCI branches and offices.
  • Updating and organizing records, data and statistics related to the activities of the Administration, also keeping archive for such records and apply technology for processing such records. 
  • Determine the Administration needs of manpower, financial credits and equipment and take the necessary procedures for providing them after the relevant approval.
  • Supervise and prepare periodic reports on the activities and achievements of the Deputy Ministry, as well as the encountered obstacles or difficulties and any suggestions for development.
  • ​Any other tasks assigned to the General Administration.

Last Modified 11 Apr 2019