General Administration of Laboratories and Quality Control



This administration in charge of supporting MCI Control Departments by helping them to implement the technical regulations and the standard specifications adopted in the Kingdom on all imported and locally produced consuming goods. This is by asking the assistance of special laboratories. This administration is responsible as well for recalling the defective goods, releasing chemicals for commercial purposes and participating in technical committees relevant to Energy Efficiency Program. In addition, this administration is responsible for issuing the necessary licenses for special laboratories, and having control over them.

Key Functions:
1. Supervise the inspection and analysis procedures for imported materials and devices to ensure their quality and safety
2. Supervise referring the goods to the special laboratories to ascertain the extent of their conformity to standard specifications
3. Supervise recalling defective vehicles, their accessories and spare parts, in coordination with the relevant authorities
4. Supervise the issuance of licenses to special laboratories
5. Supervise the issuance of licenses for imported chemicals
6. Supervise the release of chemicals, listed in the Convention of Prohibition of Chemical Weapons 
7. Supervise the process of releasing distillation devices
8. Preparing periodic reports on the activities and achievements of the administration, including the encountered obstacles or difficulties, with the necessary recommendations. 

Last Modified 25 Mar 2019