General Department of Engineering


This Administration is associated with the Deputy Ministry for Supporting Services.

Planning the Ministry's construction projects, rehabilitating and furnishing buildings, providing maintenance and cleaning works for the Ministry's buildings.


  • Prepare the annual plan for the Administration and do the necessary implementation after adoption.
  • Planning and programming the Ministry's needs of buildings.
  • Follow up the work of the administration and commit to the implementation schedule prepared for that purpose.
  • Prepare studies, designs, technical specifications and the estimated costs for the Ministry's projects and its affiliates.
  • Supervise the planning and design of construction projects and repair works for buildings.
  • Follow-up the procedures for the ownership of land and buildings for the Ministry and its affiliates.
  • Proposing and approving Consultancy and Engineering Offices and Experts, regarding the technical support for projects.
  • Setting the standards and basis, according to which contractors can be evaluated and assess how far are they qualified to enter the Ministry's tenders, making use of the Contractors Classification Guide issued by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.
  • Qualifying the new contractors and doing periodic evaluation of the performance of contractors who have contracts with the Ministry, in coordination with other departments in the administration, as well as with other parties involved in the tenders, to determine the conditions and specifications required to be tendered by the concerned authorities.
  • Supervise the study and evaluation of the bids and quotations provided by the consultants in cooperation with the relevant authorities.
  • Provide the relevant authorities with information related to the Ministry's projects.
  • Prepare documents related to special practices of the Ministry's projects.
  • Participate in the preparation of the project budget in coordination with the competent authorities.
  • Solving problems facing the work or employees of the General Administration of Engineering.
  • Updating the study of contracts, specifications and conditions, especially with regard to implementation to avoid negative impacts on other contracts.
  • Provide engineering advice, when requested, to senior management, regarding the Ministry's facilities and the needs of their users.
  • Supervise the handing over of the Ministry's projects.
  • Participate in the work of tender committees and procurement committees for construction projects and rehabilitation of buildings.
  • Follow up the development, maintenance and repair of all the Ministry's buildings and its affiliates.
  • Determine the Ministry's needs for cleaning, maintenance and transportation, together with the operation process.
  • Participate in the preparation of Section III Proposal of the Ministry's budget, also determine the Ministry's needs of cleaning, maintenance and transport in coordination and cooperation with the relevant authorities.
  • Participate in the study of contractors' bids for maintenance and cleaning works, and compose relevant contracts.
  • Coordinating with other departments in the Ministry to accomplish joint works.
  • Supervise cleaning works and provide all the necessary requirements.
  • Supervise all repairs and maintenance works for all Ministry's buildings and facilities.
  • Supervise the provision of furniture, equipment and devices for the Ministry.
  • Updating and organizing records, data and statistics related to the activities of the Administration and keeping them by making use of technology for processing.
  • Determine the Administration needs of manpower, equipment and materials and work to provide them.
  • Prepare periodic reports on the Administration activities, achievements and propose ideas for developing the performance.
  • ​ Any other tasks assigned to the General Directorate within its competence.

Last Modified 16 Apr 2019