General Department of Archiving & Documentations

This Administration is associated with the Assist. Deputy Ministry for Supporting Services.


 Organizing the works for keeping and preserving the Ministry's documents, in order to maintain the preservation of documents and archives, and to carry out the necessary classification and index, in order to ensure quick reference whenever needed, also supervise the transfer of documents and archives electronically, and make them easily handled. This is to achieve the work requirements and to serve the beneficiaries in accordance with the policies, rules and regulations.


  • Prepare the annual plan of the Center, and do the necessary implementation after its adoption.
  • Proposing policies, rules and procedures governing the work of the Center and following up the implementation after the relevant adoption.
  • Setting the technical regulations, rules and instructions necessary for the production, classification, coding, indexing, archiving, retrieval, sorting, putting away and destruction of the Ministry's documents and archives, and follow up this application in coordination with other administrative units in the Ministry and in accordance with the regulations and instructions issued in that regard.
  • Prepare a central storage warehouse, to be equipped with all the necessary equipment, tools, devices and means to be able to save and keep the documents.
  • Receive all inactive documents transferred from the administrative units in the Ministry, and then to be organized, maintained and kept, and determine the manner of circulation in accordance with the requirements of Document and Archive System in the Kingdom and its Executive Regulations.
  • Provide the administrative units in the Ministry with the required documents available in the Center, according to the applied procedures.
  • Carry out the periodic sorting of the inactive documents in the warehouse and apply the regulations related to sorting, putting away and destruction, in accordance with the Rules and Regulations.
  • Participate in the work of the Standing Committee of Documents and in other committees, relevant to document activity.
  • Coordination and cooperation with the National Center for Documentation and Archives, and with other similar centers working in the same field.
  • Supervise the transfer of documents and archives in the Ministry into electronic archiving systems.
  • Supervise the transfer of documents and papers in the Ministry into modern keeping and archiving system compatible with the electronic archiving systems.
  • Proposing the appropriate systems, programs and devices suitable for technical saving and keeping requirements, following up their procurement, and do the necessary operation and maintenance for them.
  • Issuing and updating work manuals at the Center.
  • Organizing the work inside the Center and preparing a manual for work procedures covering all the activities of the Center.
  • Prepare and develop the necessary forms for the work of the Center.
  • Establishing standards for performance assessment of all activities related to the Center, reviewing and developing them regularly 
  • in coordination with the competent departments.
  • Organizing, maintaining and keeping the documents of the Center in such a way as to facilitate the rapid retrieval and utilization.
  • Determine the Center's needs of manpower, equipment and materials and follow up the procurement process.
  • Provide periodic reports on the Center's achievements and suggestions for developing its work.
  • ​Any other tasks assigned to the Center within its competence.

Last Modified 16 Apr 2019
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