Deputy Ministry of Shared Services

About Department

Ensure the provision of all administrative and technical services to all other organizational units in the Ministry and assist these units in achieving their objectives through providing logistic support to the main services provided by the Ministry

  • Prepare the five-year plan for the Deputy Ministry and implement that after getting the approval.
  • Follow up and coordinate the work of the Deputy Ministry organizational units and provide technical and manpower support to facilitate their work, and submit periodic reports on their achievements.
  • Make coordination among the organizational units related to providing MCI basic services, also the related units providing administrative and technical support for the organizational units, associated with the Deputy Ministry.
  • Provide appropriate information, documents and equipment for all other Deputy Ministries, and the relevant organizational units and senior management.
  • Evaluating the supporting services necessary to implement the activities of the Ministry.
  • Supervise all supporting services activities.
  • Organize the work within the Deputy Ministry and prepare a manual for work procedures covering all activities of the Deputy Ministry.
  • Prepare and develop the necessary forms needed for running work of the Deputy Ministry.
  • Setting standards for performance indicators assessment for all supporting services, with relevant review and updating continuously.
  • Organizing and keeping the Ministry's documents in such a way as to facilitate their retrieval and utilization.
  • Supervise the preparation and review of the organization charts and manuals, doing the necessary updating on a continuous basis and submit proposals for their development to the Deputy Minister.
  • Supervise conducting procedural and organizational studies and submit the relevant results and recommendations to the Deputy Minister and follow up the implementation of the recommendations after their adoption.
  • Supervise the realization of the Ministry's objectives, related to quality, also follow-up the relevant programs and projects and submit periodic follow-up reports to the Deputy Minister.
  • Representing the Ministry in local, regional and international meetings related to the Deputy Ministry competence and taking the necessary action regarding related results, and submit reports to the Deputy Minister.
  • Participate in the preparation of strategic and administrative objectives related to the activities of the Deputy Ministry, as well as the relevant financial budgets.
  • Determine the Deputy Ministry's need of manpower, financial credits and equipment, and work to provide them after their adoption.
  • Prepare periodic reports on the activities and achievements of the Deputy Ministry and the encountered obstacles and difficulties, and propose ideas for development.
  • Any other tasks assigned to the Deputy Ministry within its competence.

Last Modified 16 Apr 2019
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