General Department of Planning & Business Development


This administration is associated with Assist. Deputy Ministry for Development.

The General Directorate of Planning and Business Development is responsible for making development plans, analyzing needs, studying expected effects on approved procedures, systems and policies, besides providing the necessary consultations to achieve the optimal application of the plans and initiatives set in accordance with the development plans, also providing the best innovative solutions to improve and enhance the Ministry's capabilities to achieve its strategic and operational objectives.


  • Prepare the annual plan for the administration and implement it after approval.
  • Coordinating with other sections in the Ministry to accomplish joint work.
  • Review and evaluate the ideas for development and prepare feasibility studies for selected ideas.
  • Review the initiatives and requirements as needed by the relevant sectors and study the expected impact of such initiatives.
  • Study the application of the development initiatives and make the necessary evaluation with the relevant authorities.
  • Make quantitative and qualitative comparison among various initiatives.
  • Determine the priority of the existing initiatives and projects after studying their impacts, so that to get new initiatives.
  • Review the initiatives and projects and study the relationship between them periodically, and how far they are  compatible with the plans.
  • Develop a roadmap for the initiatives, and make updating as needed
  • Cancel and modify the existing initiatives and projects where needed (after providing adequate studies and justifications), then update the list of initiatives, projects and the road map.
  • Supervise the requests for change, relevant to the initiatives.
  • Providing necessary assistance to project managers
  • Coordinate with the concerned departments to nominate representatives.
  • Prepare launching of the service and approve the pilot and final launching in coordination with the concerned party.
  • Submit reports about the existing and new initiatives and about the approved change requests.
  • Contribute to the Transition Plan and Change Management Plan
  • Contribute to the adoption of the Service Launching Agreement (SLA) with the relevant parties, as well as the Support and Operation Plan.
  • Updating and organizing records, data and statistics related to the activities of the Administration, as well as keeping archive for that by using technology for such process.
  • Determine the Administration need of manpower, financial credits, equipment and take the necessary procedures for providing that after getting the approval. 
  • Prepare periodic reports on the activities and achievements of the administration, as well as any encountered obstacles or difficulties and make proposals for development.
  • ​Any other tasks assigned to the General Directorate within its competence.​
Last Modified 14 Apr 2019