Partnerships with the Private Sector

The Trade System seeks to enhance and strengthen partnerships with the private sector to raise the quality of services, and to ensure that they reach customers and beneficiaries directly. The partnerships are divided into strategic partnerships; aims to achieve strategic goals, initiatives and projects, and operation partnerships to provide joint services and operations, as well as resource partnerships to ensure exchange of experiences, transfer of knowledge and for cost reduction.​

The Most Prominent Partnerships


  • Thiqa Business Services Company; a strategic partner and developer of the Ministry of Commerce and the Trade System services. The following are the most prominent services provided to the consumers and the business sector: 

- The Commercial Registration Services, 

- Maroof Platform, 

- Saber Platform, 

- Sales Applications,​​

  • Assignment and Liquidation Center (Infath) "Enforcement", in partnership with Insolvency Committee, the Saudi Authority for Accredited Evaluators and the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants. This is for launching a registration platform for service providers, from the private sector, to engage in selling and liquidation activities,
  • Local Banks: Al-Rajhi Bank, SABB, NCB, Al-Jazira, Al-Arabi, Al-Bilad, Financing Companies, Al-Khaleej, Agencies, Al-Ra'idah, Al-Yusr, aiming at providing financing services to small and medium enterprises through several programs and initiatives with the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises,
  • Bank Al-Jazira & Real Estate Development Fund This is a partnership to promote the completion of “Qayyem” (Evaluate) initiative, belonging to the Saudi Authority for Accredited Evaluators, which aims to e-linking between the beneficiaries of the evaluation services and the licensed evaluation facilities, as it allows the beneficiaries to obtain many offers to implement the evaluation process, compare them, and follow all steps and manage the process completely via the Evaluation System: 
  • JLL Company, a partnership to provide real estate valuation services. This is one of the projects of the Saudi Authority for Accredited Evaluators:
  • Al Mustaqbal (Future) University, Takamol (Integration) Holding Company: This partnership aims to cooperate in the fields of Education, Development, Training, besides providing Specialized Training Courses.

Last Modified 10 Jan 2023
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