Partnerships with Civil Society Institutions

​​​​​The Ministry of Commerce seeks to enhance and strengthen partnership with the non-profit sector, so that to increase this sector’s effectiveness and to address the obstacles it faces. Thus enabling it to contribute to various development fields, and enhance its role relevant to (GDP) Gross Domestic Product.

This reflects the importance of the social entrepreneurship sector and its role in stimulating the community innovation and raising the level of economic and social conditions suitable and favorable to the work of women, youth and people with disabilities. The Ministry is working on the on-going development of these partnerships, and it has a trend to build strategic alliances that enhance joint work to achieve the goals of the Kingdom's Vision 2030.

The Most Prominent Partnerships

  • Marketing Association”; it is a civil association licensed by the Ministry of Human Resources, and it is a marketing platform for all practitioners and those interested. This Association provides services for those interested, relevant to spreading awareness of the knowledge of marketing and its multiple applications, besides supporting the future career for marketing professionals. 
  • The Electronic Trade and Retail Association; it is a civil association licensed by the Ministry of Human Resources, aims to develop scientific thinking and educate the community about the concept of e-commerce, besides providing the services relevant to spreading awareness, education, studies, research, programs and events, in addition to preparing the platforms for practicing e-commerce.​
  • Fikra (Thought) Association for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship​; it is a civil association, under establishment, that seeks to solve social problems and issues with innovative solutions, in the form of a service or product that is financially sustainable, taking advantage of the local resources in the community to maximize the positive impact by using the concepts and ideas found in the commercial companies and the private sector, so that to solve the environmental, social and economic problems.
  • Women Business Association; it is a civil Association, under establishment, aims to empower women’s enterprises, develop and raise the performance efficiency of the women’s commercial institutions, so that to ensure the continuity of the success of the operational processes, besides raising the awareness and contributions of women in the professional self-employment, in accordance with an integrated institutional methodology to practice their own private business.
  • The Commercial Franchise Association; it is a civil association that educates the community on the role and importance of franchising, also providing qualified national cadres of young people to work in the franchise projects, besides encouraging local scientific research in the field of the commercial franchise.

Last Modified 05 Nov 2020
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