Ministry of Commerce Strategic Plan 2019 - 2022


Based on the Ministry of Commerces keenness to play a pivotal role in the sustainable development of the trade  sector in the Kingdom, and as a kind of contribution for the realization of the objectives of the National Transformation Program​ , also for fulfilling the aspirations of the Vision 2030, Ministry of Commerces​ has updated its strategic plan, according to the best practices adopted in the World Strategic Planning. Thus providing a comprehensive and integrated road map, in order to achieve the Ministry's ambitious vision; that is to occupy a leading position for the Saudi trade sector in a fair and stimulating environment that goes in line with the rapid changes and developments witnessed by the global trade ​ sector. Ministry of Commerces​ is endeavoring to enhance and promote the Kingdom's economic position, so that to be a favorite destination for trade ​ in the Middle East and worldwide.

The Ministry's mission focuses on the pivotal role it plays for improving the business environment in the Kingdom. This can be achieved by developing, supervising and implementing flexible and fair trade policies, rules and regulations, also by having strong strategic partnerships with various local and international stakeholders. This would enhance the trust between the trader and consumer, and this would contribute as well to maximize the role of the commercial sector for supporting and having a sustainable national economy. All that can be done through an integrated and deeply rooted values, which ensure justice, respect for rights, creativity, teamwork, rapid response and on-going endeavor to provide value-added services that exceed the expectations of all clients.

To achieve a leading position for the Saudi trade  sector in a fair and stimulating environment.

Enhancing and promoting the capacities of the trade sector, as well as protecting the rights and interests of beneficiaries, through developing and establishing effective implementing policies and mechanisms that would contribute to a sustainable economic development.

  • Respect for Rights
  • Rapid Response
  • Teamwork
  • Initiative
  • Creativity

Main Pillars:
  • Prosperous Trade
  • Institutional Excellence
Strategic Objectives

Main Pillars
Strategic Goal
Prosperous Trade
  • Enhance and maximize the customers' trust.
  • Ensure the sustainability of the strategic stock of basic commodities.
  • Promoting the retail sector and enhancing sound business practices.
Institutional Excellence


  • Improve the efficiency of resource utilization in the Ministry.
  • Upgrading and promoting the quality of the Ministry's services, provided to the clients, in accordance with the standards of the institutional excellence.
  • Enable and apply the highest levels of digital services in the Ministry.
  • ​Creating and Promoting an internal work environment that stimulates and incubates innovation and creativity.

The Most Important Future Initiatives

Setting up a Program for E-Commerce Development
To coordinate the efforts of all stakeholders involved in the development of e-commerce industry and to develop solutions to eliminate obstacles among all parties concerned in the e-commerce process, such as consumers, vendors and government legislators.
Establishing the Saudi Center for Economic Works
This Center provides a new concept, as a service and control party for business and investment, for all legal entities in the Kingdom, aiming at providing integrated solutions for commercial and investment services at all government agencies and the private sector, in order to facilitate and ease practicing business in the Kingdom. Particularly, starting up a business and ensuring the continuation of practicing that at high efficiency.
Addressing and Combating the Commercial Concealment
​This initiative aims at addressing the commercial concealment in various sectors of the Saudi market; that is by studying each business sector separately and identifying the causes of commercial cover-up and trying to combat and eliminate such phenomenon. Thus eliminating the commercial concealment before it occurs through applying a new approach that includes: Developing regulations and standards for all sectors, forcing enterprises to use the technical systems that would link them directly with the banks, so that to track and control their banking transactions, enabling foreigners to own properties in such institutions.
Launching  and operating  a Center for Recalling Defective productsDeveloping the website of Recalling Center to provide interactive services to consumers and traders, in addition to launching an awareness and marketing campaign, so that to make the consumer aware of  his rights, regarding the recalling campaigns, besides urging the consumer to avail of such services, also explain the most prominent characteristics of the website, in addition to updating the recalling list to include all products controlled and supervised by Ministry of Commerces​, as well as sign agreements and partnerships with the concerned parties, relevant to Recalling Defective Products, also providing a suitable center for Recalling Defective Products that meets the work requirements.

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​Assalam o alaikum sir i buy a laptop dirham but its defective they canot answer me  what i do pls help​

Reply: Dear Customer of the Ministry of Commerce - Please report your complaint through the application of a Commercial Violation Report. Attach full details relevant to your complaint:

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