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Based on the Royal Decree No. 5/b/10744 dated 07/06/1422 AH aimed to expedite the establishment of Saudi-foreign business councils, funded by businessmen from both sides in order to serve the Kingdom’s objectives, and article No. (37) of the Chambers of Commerce, based on the Royal Decree No. (M/6) dated 30/04/1400 AH, and considering the belief of the Council of Saudi Chambers of Commerce in the importance of the role played by Saudi-foreign business councils, in economic terms, between the Kingdom and other countries, the Council of Saudi Chambers proceeded to sign agreements with its counterparts in a number of countries to form business councils that serve economic and commercial relations between them. In cooperation with the Council of Saudi Chambers, the Ministry specifies Saudi-side members of these councils and follows up their work.
Business Councils are an economic gathering that includes a group representative of the business sector in the Kingdom. Their aim is to stimulate economic relations between the Kingdom and friendly countries in various fields, particularly trade and investment, through a systematic framework that achieves the targets set and prescribed for the economic relation with these countries. 
- Developing and consolidating relations between the business communities of both countries, and identifying the economic opportunities available to representatives of respective parties.
- Promoting exports and exchange of goods and services through constant communication, exchange of information and holding exhibitions in both countries.
- Communicating with authorities of both countries to improve the climate of cooperation and overcome any obstacles that might come in the way of both sides.
- Encouraging the establishment of economic projects in both countries by means of identifying the best ways of funding, and providing information and services to businessmen interested in establishing such projects.
- Amicably settling commercial disputes that may arise among businessmen in both countries.
- Attending to training programs, technology transfer, and the right to acquire knowledge.
Membership to the Saudi-Foreign Business Councils is available to Saudi natural and legal persons as well as foreign legal persons as follows:
  1. Submitting Business Council participation applications according to the form prepared by the Council for Saudi Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
  2. The representative of Saudi legal and foreign persons should be a Saudi national.
Membership Benefits:
1.Priority in participating in any delegations, conferences, seminars, or any external events for the country of the respective member.
2.        Access to the databases of business councils, departing and visiting delegations, and investment opportunities available in the corresponding countries.
3. Council membership business card to indicate their membership.
4. Inclusion of member information in the Business Council booklet which is distributed to the embassies and chambers of the two countries.
5. Posting member’s information and activities on the Business counsel’s website, and activating the use of the website to connect with other parties.
6. Invitations to meetings with ambassadors of the corresponding countries and senior government officials, whether in the kingdom or in their countries.
7. Assistance in obtaining visas from the embassies of several corresponding countries, and a discount on airline tickets from Saudi Airlines and other foreign carriers.
8. Invitation to annual meetings with business leaders from the corresponding countries and those working in the Kingdom.
Term of the Business Council:
Taking into account the provisions of the agreements and memoranda of understanding between the Saudi Council of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the corresponding bodies and boards, the term of the Business Council is three calendar years starting from the date of convening during which a president and two vice presidents are elected. Membership in business boards shall be available till the end each term of the council.
List of Business Councils:
Saudi – Japanese Business Council
Saudi – Algerian Business Council
Saudi – Ukrainian Business Council
Saudi – Tunisian Business Council
Saudi – Moroccan Business Council
Saudi – Indian Business Council
Saudi – Singaporean Business Council
Saudi – Italian Business Council
Saudi – Bahraini Business Council
Saudi – Czech Business Council
Saudi – French Business Council
Saudi – Egyptian Business Council
Saudi – Russian Business Council
Saudi – Swiss Business Council
Saudi –Turkish Business Council
Saudi – Filipino Business Council
Saudi – Korean Business Council
Saudi – Polish Business Council
Saudi – Syrian Business Council
Saudi – South African Business Council
Saudi – Lebanese Business Council
Saudi – Yemeni Business Council
Saudi – Jordanian Business Council
Saudi – Omani Business Council
Saudi – Sudanese Business Council
Saudi – Kazakhstani Business Council
Saudi – Qatari Business Council
Saudi – Canadian Business Council
Saudi – Spanish Business Council
Saudi – Pakistani Business Council
Saudi – Malaysian Business Council
Saudi – Chinese Business Council
Saudi – British Business Council
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