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Within its plan to facilitate all its services to be completely e-Services, the Ministry has sought to enable beneficiaries to make payments relating to any service electronically. Accordingly, the Ministry has been integrated with a number of e-Payment systems via different channels.
This section of the Portal shows the efforts made by the ministry to be integrated with national payment systems in order to offer easy e-Services that may require paying government fees or invoices.
Payment via (SADAD) system:
MCI has Linked all its e-Services with the (SADAD) payment system, where beneficiaries can pay the fees of the e-Services. This undoubtedly makes it easy for beneficiaries to completely utilize the e-Services offered by MCI with no need to visit any of the Ministry offices which saves time and effort.
Integration with SADAD payment system has come as a result of MCI pursuit to achieve the highest operational efficiency standards for facing any possible challenges. In addition, using the e-Payment channels provides more trust and security for beneficiaries encouraging them to depend more effectively on e-Services channels.
An Overview about (SADAD) Payment System:
(SADAD) payment system provides speed in paying invoices and other payments via all banking channels in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. (SADAD) is considered one of the systems of Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency.
All beneficiaries of MCI services can pay their invoices and payments through (SADAD) system via all the available banking channels, namely:
- Bank branches.
- ATMs.
- Banking Internet.
- Banking Telephone.
- Short Message Service (SMS).
- Banking Mobile.
- (Available in some banks).
For more details, please visit  (SADAD) Payment website by clicking here
Payments directly on MCI website through integration with SADAD
It is a national project that provides e-Payment service directly through MCI website without having to go to the bank website, where direct payment process is performed from the same page of MCI e-service.
The ministry has been a pioneer in the launch of this service Within the electronic certificate of origin Service،The first government entity applied in electronic payment services.
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Payment through Mobile
The Ministry of Commerce and investment has adopted the electronic payment system via mobile phone, as a means to facilitate and accelerate the customers transactions, which in turn leads to lay off banking services, cash, ATM and credit cards. The most important services using payment via mobile now are the issuance of electronic record, trade mark.
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