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  Community participation

Participating and sharing the opinions and functional suggestions represents one of the main pillars of improving any work that requires interaction among the concerned parties. Therefore, the Ministry of Commerce has recognized and taken into consideration the importance of public participation in all the functions and services it provides or carries out. The Ministry grants the opportunity and gives way to all concerned parties, professionals, consumers and customers of all categories, whether citizens, residents or visitors, to give their opinions, visions and constructive ideas. Then comes the Ministry's role to study and support the appropriate ideas and develop them into initiatives, then to be transformed into successful and fruitful projects, to be reflected not only on the Ministry, but on the entire community.

As the Ministry seeks to adopt and benefit from the modern technologies, especially in the field of communication and telecommunication techniques, and as the Ministry is so keen to improve and develop all its work and services, so Ministry of Commerce intends to use the latest technology to activate the role of the public through easy and simple applications that enable the beneficiaries to send their visions and suggestions from any place and at any time, through the communication channels provided by Ministry of Commerce. Notably, Ministry of Commerce​ has provided a number of communication channels for public participation, in addition to Ministry of Commerce pages on the social networking sites. This is to increase and improve the standard of communication and interaction with the consumers and those availing of Ministry of Commerce​​ services. Meanwhile, the Ministry sets some standards to ensure the optimal utilization of the participation and sharing principle. Here are the most important Ministry of Commerce Communication Channels: 
It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Commerce had a significant presence in the Community Participation Awards, organized by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, during the last sessions. In the 2nd Session of 2012, , The Ministry had been awarded the prize of the Electronic Community Participation ( Voice of Beneficiary). This is for the Ministry's experience with Twitter. During the 3rd Session 2014, the Ministry had been awarded three prizes, and it won the prize for Providing Better Service to Community Members (Government – Individuals). In the 4th Session 2015, Ministry of Commerce had been awarded three prizes, and a prize for the Electronic Community Participation ( Voice of Beneficiary), and a prize for the E-Services via smart devices for the Application of Unified Monitor of Smart Devices.


Last Modified 01 Apr 2020
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