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About Open Data
Based on the principle of transparency and within its efforts to make information available for all, MCI has provided an open data platform for all those who access the MCI portal. This service will enable them to take advantage of the available data and use it as per their need. The portal provides reports, various statistics, in addition to a comprehensive database of MCI activities. All data can be classified, filtered and analyzed visually through a variety of graphs, and then it can be exported in graphs or data formats, according to the need, such as (CSV, XLS, PDF, Image), also it can be viewed, processed and analyzed directly through the website via browsing, without having to download it.
The data library contains the characteristics of searching, sorting, presentation and classification, to ensure access the needed information quickly, by using the latest technology of Business Intelligence, as well as access and obtain the information in its Raw Data form.
The new features  in using this technology appear in integration, direct reading and getting Live Data, through many of MCI databases, such as databases relating to commerce or industry sectors in addition to service database, with no need to submit periodic reports, along with the possibility of filtering and classification directly from the graph by using the cursor or by using the available filters, and the possibility of visual analysis by using many kinds of graphs and displaying the results directly.
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