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 Open Data

Based on the principle of transparency and within its efforts to make informatio​n available for all, Ministry of Commerce has provided an open data platform for all those who access the Ministry of Commerce portal. This service will enable them to take advantage of the available data and use it as per their need. The portal provides reports, various statistics, in addition to a comprehensive database of Ministry of Commerce activities. All data can be classified, filtered and analyzed visually through a variety of graphs, and then it can be exported in graphs or data formats, according to the need, such as (CSV, XLS, PDF, Image), also it can be viewed, processed and analyzed directly through the website via browsing, without having to download it. The data library contains the characteristics of searching, sorting, presentation and classification, to ensure access the needed information quickly, by using the latest technology of Business Intelligence, as well as access and obtain the information in its Raw Data form. The new features in using this technology appear in integration, direct reading and getting Live Data, through many of Ministry of Commerce databases, such as databases relating to commerce or industry sectors in addition to service database, with no need to submit periodic reports, along with the possibility of filtering and classification directly from the graph by using the cursor or by using the available filters, and the possibility of visual analysis by using many kinds of graphs and displaying the results directly.

What is open data?

Open data’ refers to the data offered to all users of Ministry of Commerce electronic portal, aims to enhance participation and raise the level of knowledge. All users have to be aware of the policy of using such data and the related updating, and all the open data available on the e-portal is strictly for awareness purposes.


Ministry of Commerce makes it available for all e-portal users to access open data. They may use such data at their own personal responsibility. Furthermore, it is a right guaranteed to all users free of charge. Open Data Users’ Responsibility: Open data users shall be responsible for re-using the data available at the Ministry of Commerce e-Portal, provided that re-using of such data must not result in any errors related to the content of data, its source and history.

Ministry of Commerce Responsibility:

Ministry of Commerce shall not be held responsible for any damage or misuse experienced by others as a result of using such data available on its e-Portal. Nor shall Ministry of Commerce guarantee the continuity of such data or part of it. Moreover, the Ministry shall not be held responsible towards the users of this data, and whatever damage or loss that might incur on them, as a result of re-using such data.

Terms of Reusing the Data:
  • The user must not distort the data or its source.
  • The data must not be used for political purposes, or to support illegal or criminal activity, or to be used in racist or discriminatory expressions, or in bringing about negative influence in culture or equality, or in provoking any behavior that is illegal or contrary to the customs and traditions of the Kingdom.
  • When using such data, its source should be mentioned (Ministry of Commerce e-Portal).
  • The source of the reused data must be referred to, by adding the link of Ministry of Commerce e-Portal, so as to maintain the intellectual property of the data, as well as the credibility and validity of its source.

The IT solution that the Ministry of Commerce is using for open data is a BI solution which provides a platform-based approach to visual analytics that brings insights and clarity to where it’s needed the most: the point of decision. This empowers the entire organization to make decisions with confidence and transforms business analysts and knowledge workers across the organization into indispensable champions.

  • ​​Consolidating relevant data from multiple sources into a single application
  • Exploring the associations in your data
  • Enabling social decision making through secure, real-time collaboration
  • Visualizing data with engaging, state-of-the-art graphics
  • Searching across all data—directly and indirectly
  • Interacting with dynamic apps, dashboards and analytics
  • Accessing, analyzing and capturing data from mobile devices
  • Objective :

    The open data platform will be a central point that grants users to fasten and ease of access to download and use the open data published by Ministry of Commerce. The individuals and business sectors would benefit from the open data in researches, building reports, statistics, support new business, mobile applications, web services, as well as integrating and synthesizing information from different sources, thus contributing to raise the level of knowledge and expertise.

The available Open data 
Issued CR Open Data 2017
Issued CR Open Data 2018
Agencies Open Data 2017
Agencies OpenData 2018
TradeMark OpenData 2017
TradeMark OpenData 2018
Budget of the Ministry from 2016 to 2019
Expenditures of the Ministry 2016 - 2017 - 2018

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Last Modified 27 Feb 2020