About Portal
Conformity of W3C Standards for the Portal

  •  Using XHTML
  •  Making the website available in both Arabic and English languages to guarantee its access to the biggest segment of users.
  •  The Ministry of Commerce and investment seeks to apply the standards which help special needs users use the Portal easily through applying the recommendations of the w3c; itemized under "Web Content Accessibility."
  •  Guaranteeing that the Portal runs at all platforms through its support for the widespread browsing pages such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.
  •  Providing PDA for the Portal going with the way these browsing pages are displayed on these sets.
  •  Using modern technologies such as "AJAX"; this makes easier for the users browse the Portal, in addition to adding an aesthetic touch comforting the user.
  •  Conformity of the images existing at the website with W3C standards in terms of kind and size.
  •  The Portal contains a set of visual aware explanations associated with the Ministry of Commerce and investment such customer's awareness tips among others.




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