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Registration In Portal Benefits
All the beneficiaries are kindly invited to benefit from the services provided by MCI e-portal through linking with the e-portal to take advantage of the following features:
- Facilitate steps for requesting a new service, so that you do not need to input the personal data every time.
- Easy verification of identity through electronic linking with the National Information Center "Absher". This would ensure a documented service and high protection for the beneficiaries of the services provided by MCI e-portal.
- Easy communication between the Ministry and the beneficiary by e-mail or mobile registered already.
- Facilitate retrieval of previous data requests and procedures that have been taken in that regards, allowing the beneficiary to use such data as a reference at any time process.
- Stay informed about the latest developments on the current request, and follow up any ongoing work on it through SMS, like keeping informed about the status of the trademark   application, where the applicant is informed that his request is accepted, or to follow up a commercial notification reported to MCI, and to know its status step by step.
- Notification Services: The beneficiary will be notified early of his commercial registration expiry date or his industrial licensing and other notes, according to the beneficiary file.
Comprehensive Service Agreement:
The ministry is committed to the time limit for the implementation of the electronic services provided through the e-portal, each service has specific time for implementation committed by MCI, this time is listed on page  e-service page clearly, in case of any delay, the applicant can contact and object directly to the customer service center. Hereby some examples about the time limit:
- Issuance, modification and renewal of the commercial registration for individual institutions: 180 seconds
- Customs Exemption Service: 7 days
- Final Industrial license Service: 3 days
- Trademark Registration electronically: 7 days
- Waiting dates of Sessions in dispute settlement offices: 20 days
- Chemicals Release Service: 7 days
- Company Registration Service: one day
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