Service Level Agreement

​Ministry of Commerce is keen to fulfill customers` satisfaction by providing e-portal and e-services around clock. Hereby, you can find a list of such services that meet the required standards, as well as the maximum time to provide the e-services. It is notable that this time does not include the completion of deficiencies, in case the client did not provide all the required information, as well as the time to be taken by a third party, such as the government authorities, in processing the transaction. All clients must abide by the terms and rationale for each service as described in the Ministry of Commerce e-services guide. All the e-services will be added in turn to this list. For more information about all available electronic services, please refer to Ministry of Commerce​ e-services guide via the following link: Click here

Assistance and Support:
Ministry of Commerce e-Portal includes a section for assisting and supporting the beneficiaries, this section provides all the applications needed by the visitor of Ministry of Commerce e-portal, taking into account to be suitable and fits the largest number of visitors. Therefore, a readable content, various media shapes, detailed information and links have been provided such as: Frequently Asked Questions, Frequent Inquiries   Section, Easy Used, Handheld Devices, Smartphones ... and other applications. 

Privacy and Confidentiality of Information:
High quality services, confidentiality and privacy of information of users and visitors are at the top priorities of Ministry of Commerce e-portal.
Communication and Participation Mechanism:
Ministry of Commerce e-Portal is committed to interact and respond to all received requests and inquiries through (Contact us).

Electronic Service Standards​ 

The time taken for the accessibility to the homepage and all other pages should not exceed a maximum of 4 seconds.
The time taken for the accessibility to the Portal's homepage is about the average between 2-4 seconds.
Ratio of readiness is 99.95%
Yearly contained downtime hours may reach to 4.38 hours.
Monthly contained downtime hours may reach to 21.56 minutes.

Level of Providing Electronic Services Procedural E-Services

Business E-Services​Total time (working days)​E-Service Available
Issuing Commercial Registration​​
180 sec​24 /7​
Renewal of Commercial Registration                                                          
180 sec                                       
24 /7​​     ​                           
​Customs Exemption System
7 Days​24 /7​​
Request of Supporting Labors
1 Day
24 /7​​
Trademark Service
7 Days
24 /7​​
Issuance of Professional Consultancy License
1 Day
24 /7​​
Certificate of Origin Issuance
1 Day
24 /7​​
open data request​
3 Days​
24 /7​​
Last Modified 27 Feb 2020
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