About Portal
MCI is keen to facilitate access to information as well as services at its portal, that displays a host of features enabling all users to, log into the portal, in no time and at ease.
The portal is compatible to various web browsers, especially Internet Explorer 7.0+, 100%, Firefox 2.0+, Safari4.0+, Opera 9.0+, Chrome 10.0+, in addition to other main web browsers and smart devices.
MCI portal compatibility with Web Browsers
The Portal features properties that aim at improving the access for handicapped users, in accordance with applicable instructions to log into the Internet, issued by the W3C WAI.
These features are to the advantage of users with temporary or long-term disabilities, such as blinds or those with short sightedness, limited inability, audio disabled and others who may stand in need to be rehabilitated, due to features attached to age or limited environment.
Some Features
Images at the portal contain "alternative icons" to help users who may listen to the portal through a monitor or screen reader, rather than reading the text.
Pages' designs are manipulated through using lineage types' pages, to enable users to surf, smoothly, the portal, while they can also do away with these pages and get especially made pages to meet their special needs.
Changeable Lines, Poised to Enlarge in the browser
A test has taken place to gauge access through manual means and automatic instruments. Nonetheless, in case of failure of access to information, accurately, at any page, at the portal, Pls. call, as we will do our utmost to provide you with the information, in other format, or do the required modification to make them at your avail.  
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