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 Ministry's Objectives

The Kingdom's seventh five-year plan set a number of objectives which the Ministry of Commerce and Investment (MCI) carries out in cooperation and coordination with the concerned agencies. Such objectives come as follow:​

  • To develop domestic and foreign non-oil trade; direct it in line with the national economy needs, in addition to enhancing the commercial and economic relations with the world's states​.
  • To increase effectiveness of the private sector role, encourage it to raise the economic efficiency for its facilities, and expand the fields of its commercial activities in the local and world markets.
  • To increase the national labor participation in commercial activities, qualify them and replace the non-Saudi labor.
  • To improve efficiency of the commercial sector performance with regard to providing the needs of the local markets in terms of commodities and services, in line with the Saudi and international standards. And to make sure that the consumer has obtained the appropriate amount of his needs with the affordable price.
  • To develop the sector of business services and organize it, and develop financing activities in cooperation with the concerned agencies.​​​
Last Modified 09 Apr 2019
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