Policy of get information

​​Main principles and general rules for freedom of information:

  • For enhancing the system of integrity, transparency and accountability, the individual has the right to know the information relevant to the public activities.
  • The request for accessing the protected information must be justified in a clear and explicit way.
  • Everyone has the right to view the unprotected public information.
  • All requests to view or obtain public information are dealt with on the basis of equality, as well as on the basis of non-discrimination among individuals.​

Individuals' Rights Regarding Accessing or Obtaining the Public Information:

  • The right to view any information that is not protected
  • The right to know the reason for rejecting the request for viewing or obtaining the requested information.
  • The right to appeal against the decision relevant to rejecting the request to view or obtain the requested information.

For more information about The main principles and general rules for freedom of information:​

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