MCI Reveals Illegal Labors Producing Corrupted Chickens, and Counterfeiting the Expiry Date in Jeddah Slums

01 Apr 2016
A Random Courtyard Exploited for Slaughtering, Skinning Poultry, and Counterfeiting Trademarks to Mislead Consumers

MCI inspection teams raided one of the random courtyards in Al Khamrah quarter, south Jeddah, and detected illegal labors slaughtering and skinning poultry without following any health requirements, such items were packed in containers bearing counterfeit trademarks, the expiry date was forged and then to be distributed and sold in the local market. The site in violation was shut down, while those responsible were summoned by MCI for investigation and taking the legal penalties against them, due to the risk on the health and safety of consumers. 

The details go back when MCI received a tip about illegal labors, who used to slaughter, skin and distribute poultry randomly. MCI inspectors, in coordination with the security authorities, raided the site and found out lack of hygiene and lack of the minimum health requirements, as well as counterfeiting the trademarks and expiry dates to mislead and deceive the consumers. The security authorities arrested 16 illegal labors in that site, and they were referred to the competent authorities.

MCI inspection teams were able to prevent selling and marketing more than five thousand slaughtered chickens, also they detected more than three thousand posters for counterfeit trademark bearing the name "Nature Poultry”, in addition to the machines and tubs used for slaughtering, skinning and washing poultry. 

This is part of the inspection tours implemented by MCI on warehouses and all commercial institutions, to verify their operation, to check the safety of the products, and to protect the consumers from any harm, also to implement R&R on violators.

The Ministry will not hesitate in imposing the legal penalties on violators and those involved in the practice of fraud and manipulation, and all that puts the health and safety of consumers at risk.

The Ministry calls on all consumers to lodge their complaints and observations through the toll free number 1900, or through the application of a Commercial Notification.

Last Modified 25 Dec 2018