Real Estate Shareholding Committee calls for 2179 shareholders to receive their contributions for liquidated shares

06 Jan 2014

​345  million riyals awaiting the owners updating data 

MCI Real Estate Shareholding Committee has Transferred  recently  more than 100 million riyals to the accounts of the shareholders who have been notified to contact the Committee and who have  not received  their rights from the said liquidation. The above mentioned Committee has now 345 million riyals waiting for the said committee to transfer them directly to the shareholders' accounts after updating their data.
The Committee had already published on its website a list of 2065 names of the shareholders who must update their data so that the amounts could  be transferred to them , also 114 names were published for other shareholders who had not received their ready checks. 
The committee called the shareholders whose contributions were announced on its website to come personally or visit the website of the Committee to update their data. The Shareholders can easily query the names of the contributors and their liquidated shares via the committee website
It is worth mentioning that the Committee has received 50% of the shareholders in Salah Al-Nafisi shares  during the first month of the announcement to start receiving the documentations for such shares, the committee is   still receiving the rest of the shareholders until the end of next month through the branches of the Arab National Bank.
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