MCI Launches On-Line Power of Attorney service for Individual Enterprises

01 Oct 2017
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment has launched on Sunday 01.10.2017 on-line Power of Attorney service, which enables the businessmen of making on-line power of attorney for completing the procedures of getting the Commercial Registration.

The Power of Attorney E-Service comes as part of a series of electronic services launched by the Ministry to facilitate and ease the procedures for businessmen, and thus for the realization of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, in cooperation with its strategic partner, Thiqa Business Services Co.

The Ministry explained that currently the businessman can make on-line power of attorney for any person to complete the following services: Issuing, modifying and printing the on-line Commercial Registration, as well as the services relevant to Chambers of Commerce, such as the issuance and renewal of membership. The power of attorney will enable the authorized person of completing one or all the relevant services.

The businessman can now make on-line power of attorney easily, through linking with MCI consolidated e-file, via​. Then the businessman can click on the icon of power of attorney, and then selecting the option of adding a Commissioner, then adding the Commissioner's data and specifying the required authorizations, also the power of attorney expiry date, then a text message will be sent to the commissioner, where he can accept or refuse the application by logging in the website, the consolidated file

Last Modified 25 Dec 2018