During MCI Campaigns to Verify the Quality of National Products, 200 Industrial Violating Facilities Detected

02 May 2016
More than 200 industrial facilities in violation were detected by MCI in various regions of the Kingdom during the first half of the current year 1437 AH. This comes as part of the Ministry`s campaigns to check and verify the quality of the national products, to ensure compliance with the approved standard specification and to support the development and the promotion of the industrial sector in the Kingdom to be more attractive for investors. This comes as part of the Ministry`s endeavors to create an industrial environment free of irregularities. MCI committee for considering the industrial violations has taken 82 decisions for closing industrial violating facilities, also 87 administrative warnings have been issued against some facilities, and 54 decisions for seizing some quantities, in addition to 16 decisions to stop the production lines in violation.

The said committee also referred seven commercial fraud cases, and three commercial concealment issues to the competent authorities, in accordance with the regulatory procedures.

MCI inspectors monitored the following violations: Effecting production without obtaining the final license, non-conformity of some products with the approved standard specification in the Kingdom, the manufacturing sites lack safety and environmental requirements, besides a number of violations related to anti-commercial fraud and others.

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Commerce and Industry had set up the said Committee to consider the industrial violations, which is specialized in monitoring and investigating the violations of the industrial projects in the Kingdom, and it has the right to impose penalties against the perpetrators and violators of the regulations, the committee shall decide on the issues that have been detected in various industrial facilities, also it has been granted the power to issue administrative penalties on the offensive factories. The said committee would consider the violations of the industrial projects, to be detected during the inspection campaigns and tours, and then to impose the appropriate penalties or fines according to the type and nature of the violation.

MCI would like to emphasize its on-going endeavors to implement the inspection, control and supervisory role to improve the industrial environment and to make it free of irregularities, and to contribute in attracting the commercial and industrial investments in the local market.

Last Modified 25 Dec 2018