The Ministry of Commerce and Industry Launches a Comprehensive Service Center for Investors in Qassim Region

02 May 2016
​Supported by His Highness Prince of Qassim, with the Participation of all Relevant Authorities
Concurrently with the opening of the new MCI branch in Buraidah, Qassim, the Ministry has launched a comprehensive service center for the local investors in the region, supported by His Highness the prince of Qassim region, with the participation of all relevant authorities.
This initiative comes as part of the national transformation for easy start of business by saving time and effort to finish all the necessary procedures to start business. This would contribute in improving and promoting the investment environment in the Kingdom.

All services are characterized by focusing on the customer, where the customer`s trip starts by providing him with direction, guidance and presenting the necessary information in a professional manner and within the regulatory and supervisory framework, including the elements of support, guidance and assistance. This center includes the services of a number of relevant authorities, to be provided in one place in order to facilitate finishing the procedures and the routine works of the local investors, where the following services are provided currently:

  • MCI Services: issuance of Commercial Registrations for companies and establishments, setting-up companies, amending the contracts of such companies and the transformation of establishments to companies.
  • Ministry of Justice Services: Authentication of companies` contracts, as well as the partners` decisions and the issuance of legitimate power of attorney for business sector.
  • Ministry of Labor Services: including opening a file for a new facility, modifying a name or transferring the ownership of a facility.
  • Qassim Secretariat Services: Issuing and amending the necessary licenses.
  • Chamber of Commerce Services: Registration and renewal of the facilities` subscription, as well as letters ratification.
  • Directorate General of Civil Defense services: Issuing and amending the necessary licenses.
This is an extension of MCI initiatives and efforts to improve and enhance the competitiveness and investment environment in the Kingdom, where the Ministry has been reviewing and facilitating the procedures periodically to provide the best services for the customers, such as the services for setting up commercial facilities, issuing CR electronically, as well as enabling the partners in the limited liability companies of founding the company and issuing the Commercial Registration electronically, after the partners` commitment to deposit the capital in cash at one of the banks within (90) days of issuing the commercial registration instead of (30) days.

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