The Election of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Riyadh is the Top in its History, Including 77 Candidates and 90 thousand Voters, as stated by MCI Undersecretary

02 Jun 2016
This is during H.E. Inspection Tour on the Election Site at Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center
H.E. MCI Deputy Minister for Internal Trade, Dr. Tariq A. AlNaeem, has made an inspection tour on the election site of the Board of Directors of Riyadh Chamber of Commerce & Industry, during its 17th session (1437 - 1441 H) on Wednesday, 25.08.1437, at Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center.
Dr.AlNaeem explained that the committee and the working teams, supervising the elections, are carrying out their work properly and professionally. This is resulted from the continuous coordination and partnership between the Ministry of Commerce & Investment and the Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
Dr. AlNaeem added that the electronic link reduced reliance on paper work and forms used previously, where it is possible now to announce the results accurately and quickly, immediately after the voting is over.
Dr.AlNaeem praised all the rendered efforts and arrangements of the voting process, where each male or female candidate has been allocated a place to present his/her election programs, also Riyadh Chamber of Commerce & Industry has provided a location for various services needed by the voters, such as the ratification of authorizations or power of attorney, renewal of subscription and updating the data.
Dr. AlNaeem said: I spoke with some voters, and their impressions were excellent (praise be to Allah). Notably, this election witnessed the largest number of candidates in the history of Chambers of Commerce & Industry in the Kingdom, where 77 male & female candidates had been accepted, and after the withdrawals the number reached 59 candidates, including five ladies. Twelve candidates (6 traders and 6 industrialists) would be elected by 90 thousand male & female voters. This is the highest number of voters in the history of Chambers of Commerce & Industry.
As far as the election mechanism is concerned, MCI Undersecretary pointed out that voting would be carried out through the electronic link between the Chamber of Commerce data and the Commercial Registration data at the Ministry of Commerce and investment, so that the voter would only need to bring his I.D. to verify his identity. These procedures enabled the voters to vote at the headquarters in Riyadh or through the ten locations, provided in a number of provinces.

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