MC Inspectors Carried out Inspection Tours on Outlets Selling Home Heating Appliances

02 Nov 2020


Concurrently with the approaching of Winter Season, the Ministry of Commerce had carried out last week (2123) inspection tours on the warehouses and outlets selling home heating devices “Electric Heaters”, in various regions of the Kingdom, in order to verify the conformity of the presently offered electrical home heating devices with the Saudi Standard Specifications.

The Ministry has indicated that these tours aim to verify that home heating devices contain the necessary data and instruction labels, as well as the price tag, and that the voltage is 220 volts, and the capacity does not exceed 2500 watts, also the Est. should grant the buyer a two-year guarantee, in addition to verifying that there is no difference or misleading information between the data on the outer package "carton" and the one written on the heating device itself, and that the user manual or the instructions to be written in Arabic.

The Ministry of Commerce urges consumers to buy the safest electric heating devices that contain safety systems, such as off-button in case of falling down, also protection against children’s fingers entering to the dangerous places of the heaters, a two-year guarantee should be available as well. MC recommends purchasing electric heaters from well-known and trusted commercial establishments.

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Last Modified 03 Nov 2020