Minister of Commerce & Industry Chairs the 1st Meeting of Saudi Accredited Assessors Authority Board

03 Mar 2013

​Under the chairmanship of the Minister of Commerce and Industry, who is also the Chairman of Board of the Saudi Accredited Assessors, the board held its first meeting on Saturday 20/04/1434 AH.

 The meeting reviewed realities related to the profession of Assessment, adequate techniques to achieve the goals of Accredited Assessors' Law, setting fundamental safeguard and standards for real estates as well as economic establishments, equipment and movable and immovable properties, in addition to upgrading the profession, raising the performance of its practitioners, overseeing their abidance by the code of conduct of the profession and its technical norms, which the board is issuing.

 It delegated its executive committee to set the technical assignments related to setting of national assessment standards, rules, norms and ethics of the profession, overseeing them, task of trainees programs in world standard institutes and suggestion of ongoing professional training and a the program relating to the board's fellowship, based on the best internationally recognized practices of assessment, proposed by the consultant in charge.

 The board have been briefed and informed of a number of experiments related to pertinent assessment and checking up world bodies and agencies and domains of proposed cooperation with these agencies and how to take advantage of their experience, in order to develop the profession in the Kingdom.
Similarly, it adopted an action-plan for 2013, which included a program to draft national standards for all assessment branches, in the light of internationally recognized standards and world applicable  best professional practices and conducts. 
In order to accelerate the tempo of carrying out a program to rehabilitate qualified trainers for the profession, setting up and implementing programs and courses to teach the profession as well as fellowship program and continuous professional upgrading, the board approved a number of steps.
It was also briefed on other steps, already taken to build website for the Authority, to provide with a data-base for assessors and to help online presenting of its services, to customers. 
The meeting, considered ongoing actions to confiscate properties for public utility, provisional occupation and proposed procedures to develop and improve the quality of these practices, through upgrading assessors' performance and their commitment to scientific assessment and professional ethics of conduct, the board has been informed of steps taken, in addition to set up a motto and a logo, alike, for the Authority.
A proposal that the board instructed to be completed and issued.
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