After the Enforcement of the Regulations Related to Smart Scooter “Hover Board”, MCI Detected 150 Shops in Violation and Confiscated 700 Scooters

03 May 2016
​MCI Inspectors Carried out more than 1,500 Inspection Tours to follow up the Shop`s commitment with the Regulations
MCI has been conducting inspection campaigns to verify how far the shops are committed to the terms and regulations of selling smart scooter. Meanwhile, more than 1,500 inspection tours had been carried out in various regions of the Kingdom, resulted in detecting 150 shops in violation, and 700 smart scooters, contrary to the specifications, were confiscated, since they pose a risk to the safety of users.

According to the terms and specifications, the scooter devices should conform with the Trade Data System and the Anti-Commercial Fraud Law, all producers and distributors must be committed to print the trademarks on all quantities, besides placing a label describing the item data and showing the price before it is offered for sale in the markets, as well as providing a minimum warranty for two years.

MCI had already issued a Ministerial Decree to organize the sale of smart scooter "Hover board", indicating the risk arising out of using it. The Ministry drew the attention that this device should not be considered a child's toy, since it does pose a risk on the lives of children and may cause serious injuries, the said decree stated that such device should not be offered in the toys` shops, and to be offered for sale only in the sports shops.

The Ministry points out that the inspection tours aim at preventing the abusers of violating the rules and regulations issued in that regards, and to take all legal procedures against the violators. MCI would like to confirm that the inspection tours would be continued to deter violators and to ensure the commitment with the Rules & Regulations.
The Ministry would like to make it clear that the smart scooter is not a child`s toy, as some believe, and would like to advise the Associations of Global Consumer`s Rights that this device must not be used by those under the age of 16.

The Ministry calls on all consumers to take caution not to buy the smart scooters from street vendors or unknown sellers, who do not provide purchase invoices or warranty certificates, stressing the importance of keeping such documents for the preservation of their rights.

The Ministry also draws the consumers` attention to the risks of lithium batteries, which might cause fires. To avoid these situations, it is recommended not to leave the scooter in charging mode during sleep, and not to re-charge it after using it directly, because the battery will be over heated and thus ignition may happen, especially if the battery of bad type, it is recommended to leave the device for a while to be cooled and then to be recharged.

Commitment to safety measures, such as wearing a helmet, hands and feet pads, is of high importance. Therefore, MCI recommends that the smart scooter not to be used in the streets and public roads, and users should take caution of the presence of dust, sand, holes, bumps or neglected pieces in the road, such as timber or bushes that may lead to a sharp slip and fall, (God forbid).

MCI calls on all citizens and residents to cooperate in confronting and combating all types of commercial fraud, through lodging their complaints and observations via the toll free number 1900, or through the application of a Commercial Notification.
Last Modified 25 Dec 2018