"MCI" confiscate workers that cheat consumers by refilling used automobile oils in containers with famous brands names

03 Oct 2016
​Used tires and counterfeit filters were sized
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment inspection teams confiscate a group of workers that cheats consumers by storing then selling refilled used automobile oils into containers bearing famous brands names, during inspection tours on automobile service centers at Al- Shimeisy neighborhood west of Riyadh. The inspection teams closed the site, seized all the quantities and summon the owners for investigation and regulatory penalties procedures.
MCI inspection teams revealed that the workers collected the empty containers, cleaned them and refill them with the used automobile oils. The inspection teams also seized large quantities of used tires, in addition to an amount of counterfeit oil and air "filters" were also stored on the same site.
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment has recently carried out an extensive inspection campaign in cooperation with the joint security on warehouses and shops in various regions of the Kingdom to confiscate counterfeit and fake goods, close the sites and call those who involved for investigation and apply sanctions against them.
It is worth mentioning that displaying a violating product is a clear violation of the commercial fraud law which penalties with 5000 SR fine or imprisonment for two years or by both.
The ministry emphasizes that the inspection tours will continue on the markets, warehouses, shops, and all commercial establishments, to ensure their legal work. The ministry calls the consumers to report their complaints to the customer call center on the number 1900, or through the smartphone application "commercial report."
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