MCI Shut Down a Factory in Riyadh Produces Expired Detergents, Dangerous to Consumers

04 Mar 2014

​MCI Monitored  Contaminated Ground  with Chemicals, Seized a Truckload before it has been Distributed to Markets

MCI had closed a factory producing detergents in AL Silli Industrial area, east of Riyadh. The monitoring and investigation had revealed that the said factory was packing and refilling expired materials and dangerous chemicals were seen spilled on the ground. All the products had been seized and they would be destroyed and the owner was summoned for investigation and taking the legal procedures against him.
Among the observations that had been monitored on the plant that it was following a primitive method in manufacturing, where the materials were  filled manually , while the workers were making soap mixtures in the production hall by using the traditional cooking pots and gas cylinders .
The Control Teams had  monitored a housing for workers within the production hall close to the packing and storing warehouse, the lack of automatic fire extinguishing system in spite of the presence of large quantities of packaging materials,  cardboard  and exposed electrical wires .
MCI Control Teams had stopped a truck bound for the local markets and on board detergents made in the said factory and some violating items, as it was observed as well that the goods which had been seized and confiscated not complying with the Standards and Specifications after testing a number of samples, in addition to recording Notes on the explanatory statements on the products, besides the bottles were not sealed well. All the quantity was confiscated before they were being sold and marketed to consumers.
The confiscated items Included: more than 3,500 items in violation, more than 6,700 empty bottles ready for filling, expired raw materials, large quantities of perfumes not valid for use.
This comes as a continuation of the intensive inspection campaigns carried out by the Ministry on factories, warehouses and shops in all regions of the Kingdom, to be sure of the quality of stored materials or those offered for sale, and ensure there are no violations which may affect the health and safety of the consumer.
MCI confirms that it will continue the Control Tours on factories and commercial establishments, to ensure their regular work, and the absence of fraud practices on consumers, and to stop exploiting the demand for purchase in selling and marketing expired and corrupted products.
MCI also stresses that it will not tolerate with violators and those involved in the practice of fraud and counterfeiting, and all that put the health and safety of consumers at risk.
The Ministry calls on all the consumers to report their complaints and observations to the Report Center in the Ministry on the phone No.  800 124 1616.
Last Modified 25 Dec 2018