MCI Inspection Teams have Inspected more than 11,500 Establishments and Shops during the Current Hajj Season 1440 H

05 Aug 2019


MCI Control & Inspection Teams continue their duties and tasks in Makkah, Madinah and other Holy Places, within the Ministry's plan for the current Hajj season 1440H. They have been carrying out intensive field inspection tours on commercial establishments and shops.

Meanwhile, MCI inspectors have carried out more than 11.500 inspection tours on commercial establishments and shops during this Hajj season, to check and verify the quality and validity of food supplies and other commodities offered to the pilgrims. These inspection tours included: 9,800 shops, 915 gold, precious metals and gemstones shops, 440 motor tire workshops and 340 gas stations.

The Ministry is intensifying its efforts in the field to control the commercial establishments, booths, patrol catering vehicles, roaming the holy places. This is to check the availability of food supplies and products, as well as to verify  that they are suitable for human consumption and they meet the needs of the pilgrims.

Notably, daily reports are submitted on the status of food supplies in Makkah, Medina and other holy places, to ensure that MCI Hajj plan is running smoothly according to the schedule, also to monitor the violations, if any.

MCI inspection teams are following up the commitment of shops to seasonal pricing, and the absence of any over-prices. This is to guarantee the consumer's rights.

MCI calls on all consumers to cooperate and lodge their complaints or observations through MCI Consumer Call Center (1900), or through the application of a Commercial Violation Report, or via the official website of the Ministry.

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Last Modified 06 Aug 2019