Dealers' Agencies Obliged to Maintain Consumers' Vehicles – MCI Says

06 May 2013
​MCI stressed that a commercial agent, dealers or/ and importers of vehicles and other equipment, are obliged to repair and provide necessary maintenance for their products as well as providing them with guarantee related services, even if the consumer is to run the maintenance outside their proper centers, unless that the outside done maintenance inflict damage on the product. MCI pointed out that any term that to violate either the law or the regulation, is considered as null and void.
The step falls with MCI keenness to raise consumer awareness of his legitimate rights and based on what have been set forth by the Law of Commercial Agencies or prescribed by its regulation, that commercial agents, dealers or/and importers are obliged to secure spare parts, necessary maintenance and guarantee, for their imported products.
MCI reaffirmed its vigilant follow up of all remarks received, in this respect and that penalties shall be imposed on offenders, in accordance with what are set forth and prescribed by the law and its regulation, without prejudice to other established decisions or terms.
Last Modified 25 Dec 2018