Ministries of Commerce & Justice Announce Launching the Service of Setting up Corporate Contracts with the Necessary Authentication through one Electronic Step

06 Jun 2017
This Comes within “Miras” Initiative to Facilitate and Ease Business in the Kingdom
In cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Commerce and Investment has announced launching the service of setting up corporate contracts with the necessary authentication by the authorized and licensed authenticators in the Kingdom through one e-step without the need to attend either of the Ministries.
This is part of “Miras” initiative, launched last month, to facilitate and ease business in the Kingdom.
MCI explained that by such procedures the authorized authenticator can issue the corporate contract in the Kingdom electronically, giving the necessary authentication by the Ministry of Justice through one e-step.

Thus, the applicant will be able to issue the corporate contract with the necessary authentication, as well as issue the Commercial Registration, also open a file at the Ministry of Labor, Zakat, Social Insurance and Chamber of Commerce through one e-step without attending any department.
The authentication procedures can be effected through the e-portal, and by browsing the relevant list, then the applicant can communicate with the authenticator, using the information available in the e-portal for completing the authentication easily.
The two Ministries have completed training and qualifying a group of authenticators to benefit from this service. Meanwhile, this initiative comes as part of a series of initiatives within the National Transformation Program, through which the government authorities are seeking to do their best to ease and facilitate business, to meet the aspirations of business sector, by assigning some services to the private sector. Thus, the beneficiaries can avail such services at high quality round the clock, and in a way that may promote and boost the investment procedures in the Kingdom, taking into consideration the realization of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.
All companies or individuals, wishing to benefit from this service, can communicate directly with the licensed authenticators through the following link:
Last Modified 25 Dec 2018