The inspection campaign on sports clubs’ counterfeit trademarks starts tomorrow

06 Aug 2016
​The Ministry of Commerce and investment began its inspection campaign in local markets and stores to safeguard the sports clubs’ trademarks registered at the ministry. This campaign is a part of the procedures that combat commercial counterfeiting, protect intellectual property and implement the collaboration declared last week after many meetings and workshops attended by official personals from both sides.

Sunday is the day assigned for the active campaign implementation applied by the ministry inspection teams. Filed visits to the stores and markets aim to safeguard one of the clubs’ investment opportunities that comply with clubs’ administration's awareness campaign #your_club_first.

MCI stated that there would be no tolerance for anyone who store or distribute or sell counterfeiting sports clubs’ trademarks product, and inform the stores with the possible penalties when violating the rules.

It is worth mentioning that MCI and the general authority for sports have arranged an integrated action plan to safeguard Saudi sports clubs’ logos and trademarks that will be implemented in all the Kingdom’s regions.

HE the minister of trade and investment supervised MCI meetings and workshops with general authority for spots, professional league association and representatives of Saudi clubs that aim to safeguard the sports clubs’ trademarks in the Kingdom.

The meetings end up with many recommendations one of which is to urge the clubs to but their trademarks on their products and services related to their clubs’ activities, set temporary sell points next to the stadiums during football matches and combat peddlers. The recommendations also include manufacturing the clubs’ product in many qualities and sell them at reasonable prices to make them affordable to different consumers.

The clubs’ officials express their support to the ministry’s efforts in both awareness and inspection campaigns. The ministry and the general authority for sports are continuing their efforts to implement the intellectual property procedure and safeguard sports clubs’ trademarks and logos.
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