MCI, in collaboration with SAMA, Compels Shops to Provide Coins

07 Jul 2013
​Campaign of receiving the remain in cash, inspection round, fining to be imposed on 10/10/34 AH
MCI will embark on a campaign to enforce shops, to provide enough coins, beginning from 10/10/1434 AH, in coordination with the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency "SAMA", which has supplied all shops with enough coins, to pay back the remain for clients, hence, there will be no excuse for the shops.
In proactive move, MCI has launched a campaign under the motto: Take back the remain, in cash, following any transaction.
On the other hand, the field rounds at marketplaces will coincide with it, to guarantee the availability of coins and to hold accountable non abiding shops.
The step emanated of MCI belief in customers' right to take back the remain in cash, instead of other non-wanted cheap items such as tissues, chewing gum and bottled water.
Moreover, the move would highlight  a sovereign related aspect, as coins are part and parcel of national emblem as well as its economic significance, among social slices.
The overdue step, came to satisfy consumers' chronic resentment at shops' malpractices that put them against no choice but to take chewing gum instead of coins, be SR 0.5, more or less.
MCI calls on shops to commit by the campaign objectives, to avoid being reported and the punishment.
The campaign comes along others, such Don't Ask How Much is it, We Are Proud of our Language and prohibition of demonstrating ads reading: Sold Items neither Refundable nor Replaced!

Last Modified 25 Dec 2018