"MCI" pilgrimage season proactive inspection campaigns seized more than 56.000 counterfeits and expired goods violating the specifications.

07 Sep 2016
Inspected more than 5.000 sell points, including gold jewelry stores and gas stations and petroleum services.
Within the pilgrimage season proactive campaigns, the ministry of commerce and investment inspection teams implement many field tours on gold and jewelry stores and petroleum services stations during the period of the month of Dhul qadah until the beginning of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah, visiting 5284 stores, 296 gold stores, 153 gas stations and 196 tire shops.

The inspection teams recorded many violations that included 33.508 counterfeit items, 25659 famous trademark counterfeit items, in addition to expired items and non-conformity of specifications items that are subjected to the fines and penalties law.

Regarding the gold shops, gas stations, and car services shops, the ministry inspection teams recorded many violations that fall in the categories of weight non-conformity to the standards in gold stores, pumps non-conforming to the standards at gas stations and expired tiers in car services shops.

The supervisor and the general manager of the ministry of trade and investment in Makkah Mr. Abdul eIlah bin Mushayt emphasized the importance of these proactive inspection tours that the ministry teams implemented in many stages as part of intensive efforts to monitor the sell points and verify the quantities and the specifications and standards conformity of basic food supplies, and said "Our primary goal is to check that all kinds of sell points follow the specifications and rules of the ministry for our government leadership is keen to serve the guests of Makkah at this holy season".

The general supervisor Mr. Bin Mushaty declared the completion of Hajj preparations in all the ministry's sectors especially the teams in the sacred areas of Mina and elaborated " We met with all the leaders of the field's inspection teams and reviewed the action plan earlier to ensure the full preparations to serve the pilgrims coming to the sacred Mosque (Al Masjid al-Haram) by all the possible means.

Mr. Bin Mushayt concluded his speech by saying: "The Ministry of Commerce has a significant role in in the framework of an integrated action plan that involves all the government sectors and agencies. All are working effortlessly to provide all the services for the pilgrims that will facilitate their pilgrimage and ensure that they perform their rituals in safety and peace of mind."​


Last Modified 25 Dec 2018