MCI Invite those Interested to Participate in the Free E-Learning of the World Trade Organization

07 Dec 2015
Ministry of Commerce and Industry invites those interested inthe world trade, especially the topics of the World Trade Organization (WTO) to participate in the free E-Learningprogram, to be delivered by the World Trade Organization (WTO), in cooperation with MCI World Trade Service Center. This program aims to increase the awareness and knowledge,and to promote the capacity of the Saudi manpower, specialized in the field of world trade.
It is worth mentioning that MCI World Trade Service Center serves the public and the private sectors inside and outside the Kingdom, also this center provides information and studies for those interested from inside and outside the Kingdom, whether from government agencies or business sector, in addition toresearchers, academic and scientific community. This center aims to create a strategic relationship with the Saudi business sector, to raise awareness of the laws and topics of WTO, and to promote the Kingdom`s interests in overseas markets, as well as to defend its rights.
It is worth mentioning that part of the objectives of the above mentioned center is to increase awareness among the communitymembers, through making workshops, training courses and seminars on topics related to the WTO, as well as its associated issues, besides making cooperation with WTO for founding a specialized library and an electronic one, focusing and dealing with all published documents and studies that may be of interest to researchers and those interested in the world trade, in addition to all related issues and topics on regional trade agreements, intellectual property rights and others.

MCI would like all those interested to enroll in the E-Learning program to communicate with MCI World Trade Service Center through the e-mail: This is for getting more information and details about the training courses and the registration procedures.

Last Modified 25 Dec 2018