MCI Concludes the Gulf Consumer Week by Conducting Awareness Campaigns to Protect Consumers

08 Mar 2015
MCI Efforts will be Continued for the Preservation and Protection of Consumer`s Rights

MCI concluded its participation in the activities of the Gulf Consumer Week, which started earlier, aiming to give awareness to all G.C.C. consumers. This event had witnessed the participation of a number of government agencies, Chambers of Commerce and Industry and many companies.

The Ministry also organized several awareness   exhibitions in trading centers in various regions of the Kingdom, within the campaign "Know Your Right". During the campaign, many models, educational publications and interactive experiences had been displayed, as well as showing tests on commodities done by private laboratories and proving how far they comply with the standard specifications.
MCI inspectors had carried out recently several inspection campaigns to check and follow up the commitment of putting “Energy Efficiency Label” for air conditioners and to keep control on the Thermal Insulation Factories to verify implementing the Saudi Standard Specifications, in addition to the commitment of putting the “Fuel Economy Label” also the price tag and the specifications list, this is in coordination and follow-up with the Saudi Center for Energy Efficiency Control.

The Ministry is also conducting special program for recalling cars and consuming goods, that show workmanship defects, which may represent a threat to consumer`s health and safety.

The Ministry had organized as well campaigns to follow up the implementation of the obligation list of the commercial agencies, besides the continuation of guarantee when doing maintenance outside the agency, and to verify the commitment of restaurants regarding not imposing additional fees for serving the consumers, as well as verifying that bills should be in Arabic, in addition to the campaign that preventing the phrase “No Refund or Replacement for Goods”.

The Ministry has also imposed strict penalties on violators of the Anti-Concealment Law, in addition to penalties on the issuers of checks without balance, defaming had been published in the local newspapers at the violators expense.

The Ministry aims to reduce the commercial violations and to organize the trade market in a way to ensure the rights of all parties.

MCI emphasizes the continuation of its inspection, awareness and development campaigns that are in favor of the consumer and the merchant alike.

MCI calls on all consumers to report their complaints and observations through social networking channels, and through the commercial notification for smart phones, or through the Notification Center by using the toll-free number 1900.
Last Modified 25 Dec 2018