MCI to Undertake New Assignments, including Immediate Shops' Closing, Fining

08 Apr 2013
Minister of ​Commerce and Industry Dr. TAWFIG FAWZAN ALRABIAH, envisioned that the Cabinet latest decision to delegate MCI the power to, immediately, punish violations, including closing shops - a matter which was not possible, before - would constitute a great leap, in respect of cementing efforts to check in markets.    

The minister extended gratitude and appreciation of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, for backing up MCI, through that decision, stressing that it came to underscore keenness on prevalence of fairness in the local markets, in a way that would preserve consumers' rights, consolidate MCI role in enforcing laws and regulations on offenders and to enhance, strongly, its drive to check-in market rules violators and offenders, alike.. 

Dr. ALRABIAH's remarks followed the Cabinet session  today, which decided to approve imposing penalties and fines stipulated in the decision, which accorded MCI, in its light, the power to, immediately, impose penalties on violators, at the local markets.  
The minister emphasized the importance of the Cabinet decision, because of the elasticity it awards to MCI check-in teams, to impose relating laws and regulations on violators as well as to meet the anticipations of local consumers. 

It is highly important, that both sectors, the public and the private, alike, to cooperate by abiding by the regulations of MCI, its check-in teams and rules and rounds, in order to guarantee safe and fair transactions with consumers, the minister added.

MCI will not be lenient on imposing the Cabinet decision and other previous and various decisions, which serve the interest of all parties in the market, as they maintain justice, consolidate transparency as well as fairness and create sound commercial environment, away from defaming malpractices, pointing to MCI serious exerted efforts to boost competitiveness in the commercial sector, in accordance with principles and laws that would enhance the local economy and promote its growth.  

Among the main features of this decision, is giving MCI the right to impose ​fines up to SR 20,000 and to close shops against any violations, such as lack of pricing tags on displayed goods, displaying expired items, bad storing of raw materials, dumping of wastes in non-prescribed sites, or any non-abidance by other selling rules. 
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