"MCI" held a workshop to discuss the role of chambers of commerce in achieving the plans and initiatives of the Saudi Vision 2030

10 Nov 2016
​Attended by 150 participants from chambers of commerce officials, businessmen and businesswomen
The Ministry of Trade and Investment held "Saudi Chambers' plans and initiatives to achieve the Saudi Vision 2030" workshop this morning in Riyadh, that aims to share the role of the private sector in implementing the strategic objectives of the programs and initiatives of the Saudi's Vision 2030. With the presence and participation of the Minister of Trade and Investment Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al-Qasabi, undersecretary of the ministry, officials of its affiliates, a General Authority for Investment, the General Authority for small and medium enterprises, the Saudi Standards, Metrology and quality, officials and members of boards of chambers of commerce departments.
The workshop was attended by 150 participants from the boards of directors of chambers of commerce and specialized committees and businessmen and businesswomen.
The aim of the workshop is to discuss plans and initiatives to achieve the Saudi Vision 2030 and discussed the ways to enable it, to play its role effectively. 22 chambers of commerce from various regions of the Kingdom provided highlights on the opportunities and initiatives, as well as trade and investment advantages that characterize each area. Initiatives and recommendations were reviewed where it is scheduled to be screened, revised and classified, while another meeting will be held over the next six months to advertise the chambers that will lead every initiative.
His Excellency, the Minister of trade and investment, said that holding the workshop comes within the initiative's plan #Partners_2030 to emphasize the importance of the role of commercial and industrial chambers in promoting the trade and economic environment in the Kingdom in various sectors. The chambers will work on the initiatives for the chambers of commerce play a major role and influential through their boards and committees including the business contributes to strengthening the partnership between the public and private sectors.
HE Dr. Al-Qasabi addressed the Chambers of Commerce officials:" We must cooperate to enable the chambers performance for they have a leading role to play. We also we have many opportunities and initiatives to achieve with high hopes by the Council of Saudi Chambers to meet the objectives of plans and initiatives to see the Saudi Vision 2030 '
For his part, Eng Suhail Abanmi the general supervisor of the domestic trade agency at MCI display the ministry's initiatives and its affiliates to improve and develop the business and investment environment in Saudi Arabia.
On his part, the Vice President of the Council of Saudi Chambers Engineer Saleh Bin Hassan Afaleq express his happiness for the Ministry of Trade and Investment's Partnership with the private sector to achieve the Saudi Vision 2030 and considered the meeting "significant" in the process of commercial and industrial chambers, and explained that the chambers of commerce and industrial Council have worked for more than two months during the workshops to formulate clear strategies that will contribute to achieving the Saudi Vision 2030.He points out the Chambers of Commerce and Industry's most significant milestones and its achievements and models of partnership between the public and private sectors, and stressed that the strategies developed by the commercial and industrial chambers and the support of the Ministry of trade and investment, it will help to promote regionalism development trends, especially in remote areas.
As the General Secretary of the Saudi Chambers Council Dr. Saud bin Abdul Aziz Al-Mishari presented the Strategic Plan of the Council, which aims to define the future role of the Saudi Chambers Council in light of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and the National Programme of transformation and the development of appropriate mechanisms that contribute to activating the role of the Council in formulation of a vision with clear strategy for the business and institutional sector and its organs, so as to interact with the vision of the Kingdom through a careful reading of the data and developments on the national and international economic arena.
Mr.Mishari said that the strategic plan of the Council of Saudi Chambers put forward some initiatives, most notably the development of the relationship between the Council and trade and industrial chambers and integration of visions between them. And support the commercial and the industrial chambers and enable the development of artistic, technical and administrative capabilities. Also, propose the policies and recommendations that deal with the business sector, and support government agencies in formulating of economic trends and decisions.
After that, the submission of Trustees of commercial and industrial chambers' strategic plans of Chambers of Commerce, which includes a new formulation of the Saudi Vision and it's message in line with the orientations of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 as well as the most important priorities and programs that every chamber will work on to implement its goals and strategic plans which will enable the participation of the business sector in achieving the aspirations of Vision 2030 .
The commercial and industrial chambers strategic plans focused on exploit the relative advantages of each region both regarding the geographical location or religious status as a Makah and Medina or the tourism value of the area or excellence in the economic particular sector and the develop the most promising economic sectors in each region.
The workshop started with the discussing several important points between trade and investment system in Saudi Arabia represented by MCI and its affiliates. The main points were highlights about what to expect of Chambers of Commerce, also of the trade and investment system initiatives and what to expect from the system of chambers.
It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Trade and Investment has launched #Partners_2030 Initiative that aimed to achieve the objectives of the National Transformation 2020 program within the Saudi Vision 2030, where the ministry invited the businessmen and interested personals to share their views and suggestions on the opportunities and initiatives, trade, investment and challenges through the initiative.

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