"MCI" confine a group of workers selling counterfeit sportswear in Riyadh

11 Oct 2016
After proven their involvement in acts of counterfeiting
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment inspection teams confine a group of workers who were involved in many violation practices of fraud and counterfeiting by placing counterfeit trademarks and logos of sports clubs on sportswear. The inspectors found the group in a residential apartment at Al-Oud neighborhood - southern city of Riyadh - which was set as a workshop and storage for the counterfeited quantities in preparation to be distributed and sold in the markets as high quality goods. The inspection teams also seized forged logos of many government agencies and privet companies. The site was immediately shut down, and the owners were called out for investigation.

The ministry's inspection teams in cooperation with the joint security campaigns and the subcommittee of the Ministry of Culture and Information, confine a site that stored large amounts of sportswear prepared for labels and logos printing by special sewing and printing machines at Attawn neighborhood in Riyadh. Furthermore, 8,000 counterfeit pieces of famous brands, including "Adidas" and "Nike" and others along with 4000 counterfeit card to those signs were seized.

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Commerce and Investment in collaboration with The General Authority of Sport has implemented a joint campaign to safeguard the brands of the Saudi sports clubs in various regions of the Kingdom. These campaigns seized 71.000 counterfeited items and referred the cases to the authorities under the law of trademarks and commercial fraud system to safeguard intellectual property rights.

It should be noted that displaying counterfeiting products is considered a violation of the Commercial Fraud system that might be penalized with 500.000 SR fine or imprisonment for two years or both.

The Ministry of Commerce and investment will continue its efforts to implement the law on everyone involves in any practice, store or selling counterfeit products for registered trademarks and urges the consumers to report any complaints to the consumer call center on 1900, or through the smartphone application "commercial report."
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018