MCI is Requesting the Opinions and Views of the Public on the Draft of E-Commerce System

13 Jan 2015
​MCI Calls on those who are interested and the public to express their views and suggestions on the draft of E-Commerce System, through its website, before Thursday, 30.04.1436 AH, corresponding to 19.02.2015 AD, indicating the pursuit of this project to establish confidence in the electronic transactions, as an important aspect helping in the economic development, creating an access into the global economy and providing more varieties for consumers that meet their needs.
This comes from the Ministry's desire to support and develop E-Commerce in order to boost confidence in the righteousness and safety of E-Commerce transactions, as well as providing the necessary protection for the consumers against fraud, deception and adulteration.
The provisions of this system will apply on anyone   engaged in e-commerce, or offering a commodity or services in the Kingdom. The project would organize the commercials that are made through electronic media, and it does include MCI jurisdiction to supervise and organize this sector,   so as to enhance the role of e-commerce and to protect the consumers. The Ministry would carry out the surveillance, inspection and control over the e-commerce practitioners.
The most prominent provisions of the e-commerce system are the disclosure of the merchant data, such as his name, how to contact him, name of the registry he is enrolled in, as well as obliging him to submit a statement about the terms and conditions of the consumer`s contract, as well as submitting an invoice showing the purchase cost including all fees, and the date of delivery, while it would be sufficient to mention the residence of the merchant in case he did not specify a particular business headquarter.
MCI is specialized in supervising the e-commerce sector, including: Authorization of the electronic stores, electronic auctions and electronic platforms that play a role of mediation between the seller and the consumer. This program defines the concept of e-shops, as each electronic instrument through which the merchant can offer or sell the commodities and services.
This system can grant the consumer the right to terminate the contract electronically during a period of fifteen days, as long as he does not benefit from it, the consumer would bear the return cost, with the exception of some cases, he   has the right as well to terminate the contract and get back the amount if the delay has occurred for more than fifteen days.
 The E-Commerce System would impose penalties on violators of its provisions, including warning, imposing a fine up to one million riyals, abolishing the Commercial Registration, defamation, blocking the violating e-shop, double the punishment in case of repeating the offence , in addition to blocking the violating e-shops with a statement of their violation.
Part of the provisions of this system is also organizing the requirements of the commercials that are made through electronic media and what should be included in such commercials, and what should be prohibited, such as providing an announcement that may lead to fraud and deception toward the consumer, or using a trademark without the right to do so, in such cases the advertisement in violation will be withdrawn within one working day, in case of failure to respond , MCI has the right to block the electronic shops in violation of the system.
MCI confirmed these rules on those who get the customers data, they should reserve such data for the period required by the nature of the transaction, they have no right to deal in this data with any other party, they should, as well, be responsible for their records. The practitioner of e-commerce has the right to enroll his name and his e-shop in the Commercial Registration or to submit an application to add his e-shop in his main registry, if any.
MCI calls on those interested and the public to participate and express their opinions on the draft of this system through the access on this link:​
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