MCI Holds a Workshop to Raise Awareness of the Commercial Treatments among the Saudi Producers in Al-Ahsa

13 Mar 2018
This is a part of a Series of Awareness Workshops Organized by the Ministry in Cooperation with the Chambers of Commerce

The Ministry of Commerce and Investment holds a workshop in Al Ahsa on Wednesday 14.03.2018 AD corresponding to 26.06.1439 AH, under the title "Raising Awareness among the Factories of the Importance of Protecting the National Products against Dumping", in cooperation with the Energy and Industry Committee in Al-Ahsa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, attended by representatives of the national factories in the region and those Interested in the industrial sector.

MCI Undersecretary of Foreign Trade, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi pointed out that the workshop aims to raise awareness among the local manufacturers about the unfair and harmful practices of the world trade, and how to protect their rights through the mechanisms of the Unified Gulf Anti-dumping Law, as well as the compensation and preventive measures. The said workshop will discuss various issues relevant to the commercial treatments that are of great interest to producers, most of which are the issues of dumping and the preventive procedures included in the International Agreement, also the steps of lodging a complaint relevant to the commercial treatments.

Mr. Al Harbi confirmed that this workshop comes within the framework of the Ministry's interest in providing technical support and assistance to producers regarding their complaints and how to protect and get their rights through the commercial treatments, indicating the importance of raising the awareness of producers and exporters about this important issue in order to support the fair competition in the world trade.

For his part, Engr. Fahad Al-Ghadeer, Chairman of the Energy and Industry Committee in Al-Ahsa Chamber of Commerce, affirmed the importance of this workshop and its role in raising awareness and in paving the way for more understanding of dumping, and for highlighting and clearing the procedures of dumping claim, besides spreading the industrial awareness.

It is worth mentioning that this workshop, kicked off by MCI, is the first of its kind this year within a series of workshops to be held later in different regions of the Kingdom, under the Ministry's strategic plan to raise awareness among producers and exporters about the commercial treatments.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018