2800 Tomato Boxes Hidden in a Truck, on Purpose of Monopolization, were seized by MC Inspection Teams in Tabuk

13 Apr 2020


MC inspection teams have seized today 2800 tomato boxes and 70 carrot bags, hidden in a truck by some labors, on purpose of monopolization, and to be sold in high prices at vegetable market in Tabuk.  MC inspectors noticed dividing the boxes into small parts and loading them in small vehicles out of sight, aiming at creating shortage in such kinds of vegetables and exploiting the current Corona crisis, so that they can sell such items in high prices. 

In cooperation with Tabuk Secretariat, MC inspection teams released a violation notice immediately, and distributed the quantities in the market to be sold with reasonable prices. Meanwhile, the owner of the truck and the labors were summoned by the Ministry for taking the legal measures against them.  

The Ministry of Commerce would like to confirm the continuation of controlling the violations related to Corona crisis exploitation, whether by raising the prices, or through monopolization and creating a feeling of shortage of any food item. This is based on the Ministry’s role in protecting the consumers, preserving their rights and ensuring the continuity of food supplies and the flow of goods to the markets, as well as controlling the price stability.

Notably, unjustified raising of prices and monopolization, or exploiting the current global events is considered a violation of the Ministry’s regulations as well as the Public Authority for Competition, where each violator will be subject to a penalty equivalent to 10% of the annual sales of the item subject of the violation, or a fine of 10 million Riyal, in addition to defaming the violators in a local newspaper, closing the facility and writing off the commercial registration.

The Ministry of Commerce urges all consumers to lodge their complaints and reports about any exaggerated prices, or monopolistic practices through MC Consumer Call Center (1900), or through the application of a Commercial Violation Report, or via the Ministry’s website.

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Last Modified 14 Apr 2020