H.E. Minister of Commerce and Industry has issued a Decree to Appoint the Members of the Management Board of the Saudi Contractors Commission

13 Dec 2015
H.E. Minister of Commerce and Industry Dr. Tawfiq Bin Fawzan Al Rabiah has issued a Decree to appoint the members of the first Management Board of the Saudi Contractors Commission. This would contribute in developing the contracting sector in the Kingdom, and would increase the level and capabilities of the employees working in this field.

This is in accordance with the Council of Ministers Decree No. 510, dated 23.11.1436 AH, approving the organizing of the Saudi Contractors Commission, as well as granting the Minister of Commerce and Industry the power to form the first Management Board for such Commission, provided that the members should be of those interested in the profession of contracting.

The Decree contains appointing a Management Board consisting of ten members, as follows: Dr. Ahmed bin Othman Al Kasabi, Eng. Osamah Bin Hasan Al Afaleq, Mr. Sa`eed Bin Mohammed Al-Zahrani, Mr. Tariq bin Mohammed Al Fawzan, Eng. Abdul Hakim bin Amer Mustafa, Mr. Fahd bin Mohammed Al Hammadi, Eng.Mu`az Bin Mohammed Alsuhaibani, Eng. Muammar bin S. Al Atawi, Eng. Yasser bin Abdul Rahman Al Dehaim, Eng. Yasser bin Abdul Aziz Al Haqbani.

The Decree for organizing the above mentioned Commission, issued by the Cabinet, stipulates that the government authorities should be informed not to conclude any contracts, except with the contractors, who are members in the Saudi Contractors Commission. This is after the organizing process comes into force, and after taking the necessary procedures to enroll the contractors in such Commission. The Cabinet`s Decree stipulated as well that a condition should be included in the Tenders Specifications & Terms, requesting the contractor to submit a proof of the validity of his membership in the said Commission. 

It should be noted that the main powers and competences of the Saudi Contractors Commission are to lay and develop the principles and standards related to the contracting sector, as well as to represent this sector in the relevant world incorporations, committees and bodies, in addition to collecting and publishing all relevant information and statistics, also keep the concerned employees informed of the regulations, decisions and instructions related to this sector.

The Cabinet Decree requested as well that INDICATORS should be developed for the relevant information of the contracting sector, such as the prices of construction materials and the contractors wages, besides developing an Electronic Record containing interactive data on the contractor, his specialization and a history of his contracting activities, in order to enable the public to determine how far they are satisfied with the contractor`s performance. This record should be updated periodically.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018